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Andreas Shick, CFP®

Investment Advisor

I journeyed a more nontraditional path to the financial world. After studying engineering in college, I received a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Dayton with a minor in Bioengineering. Upon graduation I worked as a Biomedical Engineer for Centurion Medical Products in Williamston, MI, for two years. In my personal time I would read about investments, my interest stemming from my childhood.

Growing up our family of six would focus on saving money any way we could. Clipping coupons, buying “Crispy Rice” cereal instead of “Rice Krispies”, and eating out as few times as possible. In 2008 my Dad (working in the automotive industry) came home from work and explained he had lost his job. I was too young to understand our financial situation, but I remember seeing the stress on my parents faces. I knew then I wanted to have a strong understanding of money later on in life.

My first eye opening experience with an “investment” came with Bitcoin. After convincing myself it was the next big thing, I bought in. It was thrilling waking up each day watching my account rise in value. Of course, I didn’t sell at the peak and when it eventually crashed, I had the unenjoyable experience of my account losing a major portion of its value.  

Regardless, I wanted to learn more and how to grow wealth in a sustainable manner. Reading books on traditional investing and retirement it eventually led to a most fortunate conversation with Ken. I have passed the “Uniform Investment Adviser Law Exam” (Series 65) and have earned my CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Certification. I enjoy working with individuals and hearing their incredible life stories, but especially love working with business owners and entrepreneurs.

Born in Germany, I am the oldest of four with two brothers and a sister. I enjoy spending time with them as well as playing tennis, hockey, traveling, gaming, reading, and riding jet skis.  

Going to a Catholic grade school I learned the importance of treating others with kindness and acting with integrity. I love adding value to other’s lives and seeing how our GCA team does financial planning “the right way.” I’m excited to help others create their financial security.

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