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Lori Amos

Director of Operations

I joined Grand Capital Advisors after working 20 years inthe banking industry. Previously, I worked with Ken, Steve and Brad, and jumpedat the chance to join the team.

I am a graduate of the Cannon Trust School and earned the Certified Trust and Financial designation (CTFA). My background is in trust and estate work. I work with clients at every phase of their financial journey. Grand Capital believes in a comprehensive approach to financial planning. We strive to be partners with our clients on their financial health journey.

My husband and I have two grown children. Both have moved out of the area, and we enjoy going to Chicago and San Diego for visits. When not working or stalking my children, I enjoy reading, gardening, and cooking. I have lived in the Genesee County area my entire life, currently live in Grand Blanc and am a member of St. Mark’s Catholic Church in Goodrich.

I am so pleased to be a part of Grand Capital Advisors. We understand how deeply important it is to carefully manage money and plan for the future. It is an honor to be chosen as a trusted advisor for each and every client.

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