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Managing Blessings

Published -
August 26, 2023

During an annual meeting with some clients earlier this year, the wife made one small, humble comment that has stuck with me ever since. We had been getting caught up on their lives—work, raising kids, maintaining a home, caring for loved ones, planning vacations, the things they “need,” etc.

As we were talking about the stress these things can bring, she casually said “we call it managing our blessings.” Wow! What a wonderful perspective.

We all have blessings beyond what we ever could have imagined and probably beyond what we deserve. It is so easy to get caught up in our day-to-day “first-world problems” that we don’t take time to stop and count the blessings all around us – and smell some roses along the way.

First-world problems are those that are only experienced by people in developed countries with high standards of living. These problems are usually minor in comparison to those who do not have access to clean water, food, shelter, or healthcare.

Not to diminish those problems in life that are serious, we all have them, or will at some point—that is part of life. I’m talking about the stress that usually comes from all we are surrounded by—our blessings.

Car problems—we have a car.

Problems at work—we have a job.

House repairs—we have a home.

Kids are driving us nuts—we have kids.

Long wait at the doctor’s office—we have access to quality health care.

Traffic jam—we have the freedom to travel and somewhere to go.

Investment volatility — we have investments.

We get to eat every single day. We have friends and family we care about and who care about us. We do not fear for our safety if we go out for a walk.

Since that client meeting a few months ago, I have reminded myself many times that the things I grumble about are usually wrapped in huge blessings. I now often look at everyday stresses as just managing those blessings and being grateful for all that I have.

May your blessings be manageable, and your heart filled with gratitude for all of that you have.


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